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10 Cybersecurity Tips

Check out our tips below to help keep your environment safe!

  • Enable the strongest authentication tools offered
    • Popular authentication methods include biometrics, security keys, and single-use Multi-Factor codes.
  • Use unique passphrases as passwords
    • Differentiate them across multiple platforms. Length trumps complexity. A strong passphrase is at least 12 characters long.
  • Do a system check
    • Purge unused apps and outdated or sensitive information stored in old files and emails and ensure all software on internet-connected devices is current.
  • Manage social media settings and minimize information sharing
    • Just a few data points found on social networks can create a pathway for exploitation by cybercriminals.
  • Use Wi-Fi judiciously
    • Limit the type of business conducted over open public Wi-Fi connections, including logging in to key accounts like banking.
  • Monitor account activity regularly
    • Look for irregular transactions, and report discrepancies to your financial institution immediately.
  • Back up intellectual property
    • Inventory your digital information and store it safely so in the unfortunate event of a ransomware or other cyberattack you have a way to retrieve the data.
  • Read the fine print
    • When purchasing items online look at all of the terms for your transaction. If prompted, do not save credit and debit card information on the merchant’s website or app.
  • Be mindful when shopping online
    • Look for signs of illegitimate websites. Spelling or grammatical errors, missing contact information, and suspicious URLs or email addresses are all red flags.
  • Look for special indicators
    • Web addresses with a https:// prefix indicate that extra security measures have been taken to help secure your information on that website.