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Consumer Loans

Consumer Loans

We offer Personal Credit Services for a variety of needs.  Our response time is quick and the assets you purchase can usually secure the loan.

Installment Loans

INSTALLMENT LOANS are an excellent solution for many borrowing needs. With an installment loan, you repay the loan over a specific period of time (term) with set monthly payments.

Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit

A HOME EQUITY LOAN OR LINE OF CREDIT is a great way to borrow because you can potentially save money on taxes, too.* Plus you can use the money for just about anything you want—adding on to your home, taking a vacation or paying off high-rate credit card debt.

Subject to credit approval. *Consult your tax advisor about possible tax deductions.

OOPS Overdraft Protection

Save yourself the worry of bouncing a check or encountering unexpected overdraft or return check fees with OOPS OVERDRAFT PROTECTION on your checking account. Overdraft protection is activated only when your checking account balance falls below zero. Funds will be transferred from your overdraft protection account into your checking account* in set increments up to your approved protection limit.  The ODP fee is generally much less than an overdraft fee or return check fees.

Subject to credit approval.

Consumer Credit Card

CONSUMER CREDIT CARD products offer competitive pricing combined with a full range of reward options – making it easy to select and apply for the card that meets your needs.

Contact a personal banker to discuss your needs.

We are ready to answer your questions and help you find a loan that fits you and your budget, offering flexible terms and competitive interest rates. We’ll return your calls promptly and our turnaround is speedy.

All loans are subject to credit approval, acceptable collateral, and available equity.