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Debit Card Controls

Debit Card Controls

Did you know that our new Digital Banking experience allows you to have more control over your First Bethany Bank debit card? See all of the new features accessible in Digital Banking below.

Turn cards On/Off

Instantly protect your debit card if it’s been lost, misplaced, or stolen by turning it off with a tap. If you find it later, turn it back on just as quickly.

Receive Purchase Alerts

Real-time notifications let you know when your card is used or when a transaction is declined.

Request A Temporary Spending Limit Increase

Decide to make a large purchase? You can increase your spending limit for 30 minutes.

Change Your Pin

Create a new pin number on demand.

Create Travel Plans

Notify us of travel dates and locations so you can use your debit card while traveling.

Report Lost Or Stolen Card

Let us know immediately if you have lost your debit card or had it stolen.

Automatic On/Off Scheduling

Choose to turn your card on or off using a schedule. You can schedule by time and day of the week.